Thirteen Myna Birds


In Darkness

In darkness my body
feels less exposed.
It crumbles in daylight
with low self-esteem.
If things were different,
I would hold a ceremony
or a great party for this
body that is in hiding.
I send you my deepest
regret in self-imposed
exile. It is the pain in
my heart that keeps me

torn apart and in darkness.
It is not you, it is me.

~Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal~




the sun breaks through
chunks of obsidian
in a stormy vaporous
immaculate exception
of some dreaming
that speaks in
Olympian vistas
to house the

~Wayne F. Burke~



Art Groupie

I am standing at the window of a restaurant across the street from a white church on a neon-green lawn. I used to live in this village. A first floor efficiency, mattress on the floor, 12-inch black and white television. My name then was No One. More alone then, at twenty-one, than ever, I could not stand my own company, and used to call my grandmother long distance just to hear a familiar voice... An art group I belonged to met at the house of a girl who called me "Duane". Her boyfriend made drip paintings, drop by drop, from off the top of a bunk bed, canvas on the floor. A heavy-set girl in the group invited me to her apartment to look at her drawings of flying penises. I wondered afterward if it was a come-on--maybe I would have responded if she were thirty pounds less...Maybe not. The star of the group was Arthur, a small guy with glasses, a tuft of hair always under his nose, where he failed to shave. He had published a book--a car manual, but--still, no one of the rest of us had published anything.

~Wayne F. Burke~







Sawing a Woman in Half

Where’s the magic in that?

What’s the trick of some
meddlesome man fiddling
with his toothy saw—
steel teeth chewing through
her tender center eagerly
eating away at her

metal smile awash in
her spurting blood
while she is expected
to smile through it all—
As if there is beauty
in a death that denies
its own pain. No

There is no magic
in sawing a woman
in half. The real trick
would be making her
whole again. But no man
is capable of such magic.

~Kathryn Burkett~



She Sails Beyond the Stars

Her motionless body on the bed
not lifeless—not yet

Chemical cocktail coursing through her bloodstream
poisoned river raging in her quivering heart

She sees stars behind shaded eyes
covered orbs twitching like fidgeting planets

She approaches the door to infinity
shut tight and painted black
ouroboros emblazoned over the peep hole

One knock and the door implodes exposing
the magnificent cosmic mythology of time
haunted hollow tugging at her fraying threads
threatening disintegration into permanent emptiness

Sudden inexplicable bolt of light pierces the void
she convulses in pools of sweat and vomit
a sickening christening, a godless rebirth

She gasps, floating on transparent waves of air
spinning on a giant ball tossed around the sun

The nothingness slips into the distance
she sighs, desiring dreamless sleep
resigned to the idea of waking again

The void will always be there
forever waiting
but not now. Not quite yet.

~Kathryn Burkett~



At Mom's Party

the plane
of the Milky Way

surges and recedes

while I’m tangled up
with my invisible-but-

who keeps insisting in a

I know a way
to get us out of here
faster than
the speed of light–

No, you don't.
We don't do drugs no more,


your sugar-free




The boater

He’s got a secret fishing hole,
which he currently can’t get to

because the boat motor
is broken down.

Meanwhile, he fishes off the pier
where he has to “catch & release.”

He bought the battered blue boat in better times
after he got out of the Navy.

It’s his way of disappearing.
He doesn’t even like to eat fish.




Yo-Yo Remix




Strange utterance of futures from mute dreams__

Flagrant parades of fake news & now the

World following suit becoming in some

Sense fake

The culturally relevant now like pink

Elephants & clowns

Laughing at the futures being obliterated

In the name of instant progress

Instant any thing seems strange &


Unless beverage or food

What if we had instant eternity

Or instant whatever we wanted

Would it save us from ourselves

Would it make our lives more meaningful

Would it give all purpose

Or would we just be unhappy with that too

Never happy with anything

Always self/or otherwise victimized

Simply by thought

Altering any future in unknown deplorable

Proclamations we forget is projective magick

Spoken in crowds applauded & revered

As each syllable devours bits of tomorrow


~Merritt Waldon~




Once upon a time an all American boy was i

Groomed for farming, Baseball, & war

Groomed for smooth talking & panty dropping jive

Once upon a time an all American boy discovered

There was another never nurtured yet also passed

On through DNA gift once desired then forgotten by combat

& alcohol now grown to fullness

In the now

Once upon a time a fathers dream to write killed by certain

Sense of duty

Passed on, and now a living fire in the hands of son

A reborn gift mutated

& distorted through war

& chemicals

& lostness

Generations of mad children

At once in full bloom

Here in this

Singular body

Vibrating with muses

On the edge of midnight

Laughing and watching the Heron

& fish play in the river

Of our youth


~Merritt Waldon~



We the Muses the Ohio the Willows & i __/ode to connection_

Remembering the sandy bank

The thin limbs & thin flame shaped

Leaves of the tiny Willows

Along the edge between water

& land where i would sit for hours

As a child as a teen growing up

Just east of Madison Indiana

On a bend in the Ohio river

Where state highway 56 passes

Like an artery along the bottom

Of the state

Those days of hearing clearly the Muses

Voice as i sat for many hours many years

Next to the flowing mother of my dream

Vision song desire

Next to the river of my soul heart

The river from whence the secret

Music of my living movement

We the Muses the Ohio the Willows

& i then still life innocent

Then still unstained by harsher choices

& plan Bs

Then still untouched by obsessive ambition

& over confidence

We the Muses the Ohio the Willows

& i

In a multidimensional multireality

Multiconsciousness dream of the future

Becoming realized visions

Becoming incarnated mystery

Animated truth

Dancing bodies celebrating

The rebirth of wonder


~Merritt Waldon~



Pacific Bop

Draw a finger, a line in the sand
zig whimsically through the surf
that struts and zags
with hot percussive jazz
of seagulls
wind and
solar saxophone
notation in thick bands of algae strands
moving with the groove of the ocean in motion
the curling suck of long tuba toes
the honk of sunshiny flesh and sassy grained elbows
castles anointed appointed with gates and turrets
gatekeeping foam while bodies sleep
on beach blankets, tented blue dimensions
the slap and snap of a volleyball game
or perched over a book
dreamily cooked
as the long shadows crawl
and the tide comes in
and moonlight blows its yellow
melting horn
over everything

~Alex S. Johnson~



Pyramid Head

And we were walking down a
busy sidewalk in
downtown Pasadena
I've got tunnel vision and miss it
the guy with the pyramid head

When I swing around to see what
the legend of Splatterpunk fiction is
on about, pyramid head is gone
swallowed up in the geometry
of arms and legs, window displays of
hats and books and jewelry

To this day I've always wondered
if it gave him extra oomph
some special energy
did it fuel sex with intensity
did his dreams crackle with
pyramidic ozone as
liminal skies
streaked with pharaohonic light

But I guess I'll never know
what happened to the man
with the pyramid dome
now will I

~Alex S. Johnson~



Roxxi Superstar

Between us we bore her,
birdweight, dark, smashed,
all Cherokee cheekbones and
spider lashes,
skimming the pavement on
nine inch heels
like an actress in a
fetish demo reel

And Japanese tourists asked for
photographs, laughing and smiling
as we swept down Sunset Boulevard
towards the Whiskey a Go Go
for Roxxi's pay to play show

Maybe some rock and roll legend
and this is how she traveled,
with her crew,
her entourage,
aloft, lighted, light as a
last breath

So we set her down
and she faceplowed, to their squealing delight,
flashbulbs popping in the Angeles night

A tale for back home:
this is how they do it
in Hollywood,
all strange parades
of weightless flesh
packed in black vinyl,
shooting stars
that fall,
and fall
and fall

~Alex S. Johnson~



                                                        Down Now

Fall on your knees
Fall on your knees
The whole world should fall on its knees
The load on your shoulders till you cannot stand
Go ahead, down, assume the position.
For all the others are damned
Nobody knows your name nor will speak it
Or speak to you without show of annoyance
No more ancestors
No descendants
We’ve all been poisoned
The antidote forgotten
Made from plants extinct
In a language no one speaks
Words of righteousness and mercy
No one remembers
No point
Only down.

~E. Martin Pedersen~


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  21. Wow! Such a stunning collection! So many great poems, but I admit I'm especially fond of this:
    >> And I have seen fire from the closed furnace,
    Cruel as life, taunting, more final than death,
    Engulf, morbidly eager, the countless months of vigilance,
    Razing the memories of love and easy comfort,
    Spitting out the cracked bones, your stark raw inexorable loss.

    ~Eryn Tan Zhi Ying~<<

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