Thirteen Myna Birds


Unreasonable Man

Hide your early onset
existential dread
or get the black bottle,
free up your bed
for the next inmate.

Hat carries wearer
down warm, wooden planks.
Spoonbills and herons
make nests in the mangroves,
laying eggs above alligators,
keeping raccoons from eggs.

Sense of purpose here,
it all fits
except for that hat
and you,
only passing through.

~Jason O'Toole~

(a teaser piece poem from Jason O'Toole's NEW Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "POISON MOONLIGHT", newly available here -



The Stars are Pills

America, the sound
of too few pills,
rattle inside amber bottle.

Change the 1 to a 4
on the prescription.
Wait just one moment,

says the pharmacist.
Blue lightbar appears
in your rearview.

an uncashed script.

~Jason O'Toole~

(a teaser piece poem from Jason O'Toole's NEW Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "POISON MOONLIGHT", newly available here -



Venus of Glen Cove

Teenaged Satanists thought
they summoned her
with their lopsided pentagram

spray painted
on the concrete
of the beach picnic pavilion.

But the Goddess of Love
comes when she is goddamned
good and ready.

She surfed up onto shore,
clamshell crunching
over Mickey’s big mouths.

Hitched a ride to 7-11
in their red Chevy Monza
sunbaked sad orange.

What she did there
is anybody’s guess.

~Jason O'Toole~

(a teaser piece poem from Jason O'Toole's NEW Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "POISON MOONLIGHT", newly available here -



what goes left unsaid

it gets in your blood like
poison does,
and then you die

slowly, of course, and
and when i show you what i’ve
written, you tell me to leave

when my wife walks away for
another man,
i start forgetting my children’s names

i call sylvia’s daughter to tell her
that all is forgiven,
but no one answers

no one cares

the world is already full of
people choking to death
on their own despair

~John Sweet~



a poem for saviors, each of them a failure

and we’ll only talk about your father’s suicide
after you’ve left the room, but this is not kindness

we were never your friends

been wanting to fuck your
sister for a long time now

been wanting to burn down this
goddamn town since the day we arrived

fear and hope like two sides of a
coin that has lost all value

the plague years, arrived without warning,
and what else can we be but human?

who will we turn on, if not each other?

~John Sweet~



[and you said you failed to care]

the politics of dead mean, of
children locked in cages

the sound of dogs fucking
on beds of barbed wire

you grow your second skin
or else you pull the trigger

you bide your time

wife locked in the basement,
house on fire, stereo up loud, and you
gotta love that jim morrison and
his dipshit poetry

gotta love that ad reinhardt and
his black-on-black blues

fucker knew how to
bend those notes

knew how to drive the buffalo
to the edge of the cliff
and what then?

we open our eyes in the first grey light
of this strange new season and
the golden age of misery has
blossomed all around us

and who are you to refuse the
blood of self-hatred, and who am i?

all borders are drawn and
then drawn again,
the right side and the wrong side and
what are your gods but weapons to
be used against you?

what are your governments but
bitter mobs of calculating rapists?


the false king’s death means nothing
if his life meant nothing

the jackals need to eat, too,
and the vultures
and the crows
and the maggots

there are more than enough corpses in
                         the kingdom of nil for
                        all of us to grow fat on

~John Sweet~



The Bully

That look of private entertainment
intense dark eyes under furrowed brows
the face of intentional expressionlessness
the voice has no waver of uncertainty
how the lie rolls off the lips first
theft is only a gesture, violence only fun
while the head reaches up, shoulders back
posture yearning to overwhelm
to quash into submission, a rape play
you want power, no, you want faux power
          and then you die, so
what, glorification and emulation,
no, you want phony people
to mock with praise games on
a make-shift stage for
your pathetic Punch
and Judy show,
trapped in a booth
playing with dolls
collecting coins from chumps
that's the way to do it!
          and then you die.

~E. Martin Pedersen~




Leaving anxiety, I can't breathe, I can't move, I'm trapped in cold sweat

I can't think, where'd I leave my keys,

keys to what, why do I need keys?

are the bathroom doors locked on that airplane overhead

or the one I leave, love, leave love in panic

the only transport company I'd fly away on

halfway round the world for leaving the one

at home in my cockeyed heart, hearth, my cat, real or ceramic

I can't eat, I can't hear, this isn't the right takeout order being

homemade bread of disabling dread but

never mind, never mind, there's no crime it's

only anxiety leaving.

~E. Martin Pedersen~



Girl In Glass Cottage

This story begins with the closing of
eyes, girl in glass cottage, infantilized.
No longer one with the natural world,
objective observer of dragonflies
through makeshift slide of long living room wall,
microscopic magnolia, tips of two teeth
(debris of a fall) graffitied pebbles, small
motif of blood. Remove, perpetually,
grieve the external beloved. The sixth month
indoors, try Zoom hypnotherapy, staged
on memory foam, delicately confront
a leviathan swelling in a rib cage,
I swallowed, confide, to professional guide —
girlhood is learning who you let inside.

~Kristin Garth~




No matter how small your legs can curl up
someone else chooses how you open and shut.
One brings a sea creature in a plastic cup
which, swallowed in secret, gestates in the gut.

Though on the outside you still seem demure,
what grows inside you is decidedly
impure, inured to violence, mature,
carnivorous teeth. It waits patiently

for invading meat it knows will arrive,
thrives on the feast. Until seclusion (its
famine) leaves you alone with a beast. Strive
for each breath as its circumference

increased. Not strong enough to leave your home,
you trade strange monsters for one you have grown.

~Kristin Garth~




The wildflowers have calmed down—maybe mellowing with age (your age?)—and stray across the hillside too sparsely to stir enthusiasm.

Faded too. Lupines settle for an inexpensive shade of blue or an almost dishwater lavender. They’d rather turn gray and be done with it.

This year spring has a bad attitude.

Poppies that used to be enlightened, a Theravada saffron glowing with inner illumination, have a jaundiced and flaccid look…

And yet in the distance, close enough to walk to, beyond the bald patch with its saltlick exhibited like an unfinished Henry Moore, popcorn flowers overflow from a gully—indisputably whiter than white on white.

~Don Thompson~




Neuro-witchcraft: the hippocampus boiling a cauldron of bad memories.

Its slow fire burns deep in the temporal lobe, beyond reach—fire without smoke, but reeking of sulphur and enzymes that emit a sickly green light, the only illumination down there.

No moon delineates that landscape, though distant lightning sputters and even farther off, the murmur of weak, erratic thunder—unless it’s a sorceress coughing.

An Endor you ought to avoid.

Now and then, something from the past surfaces like an aneurysm that might kill you before mercy dissolves it. And that could take years.

~Don Thompson~



The peculiar smell of the inevitable
stops time for me
in the purple haze that I
confuse with the metaphysics
of a world that I think that
I should live in.

~R. Bremner~



Tricks of the light
                                    play with shadows
on my wall
                                    where images of people
I’ve long forgotten
dance furiously
in vain hope
                                    that I’ll remember.
Outlines of heads
                                    chins, noses, ears
that I supposedly loved
                                    cry out to return to my thoughts
but I am quite sure
                                    that my happiness, or
even my sanity
                                    depends upon
leaving them be
                                    in their own lives
and not on my wall
or in my head.

~R. Bremner~



A different sun rose today.
It rose over backstreets and desert floors,
hovels and cemeteries
glowering between Mercury and an
international space station.
It must have thought that God
was away on business, but God was actually
undercover as a homeless woman
lying on a bedbug-infested mattress
under a bridge of sighs.
God enjoyed the itching and scratching.
It made God feel closer to his/her/its

~R. Bremner~



Cultivate your myth
feed it on faith and feverish glory
make it memorable,
like a mermaid cooing to sailors.
Cultivate your voice
feed it psychic proteins and
mystic vitamins
so it grows strong and clear
as it was meant to be
as it truly can be
because it’s your voice of truth
born of your myth of truth
that brings me to you
to memorize and be mesmerized

~R. Bremner~



"The Old Monk Poems"

Maybe in your country
they honor poets,
the old monk said,
but this is America.

~Tom Montag~



"The Old Monk Poems"

Probability is half of it,
the old monk said,

and the other half is
I've seen the ending.

~Tom Montag~



At Some Future Moment

At some future moment, demons start to revolt
With ghosts from under the ground
Struggling fiercely to possess fleshly bodies

Trees begin to grow downward, birds suddenly
Drop dead as if obeying a universal order
Sentiments sweating out of skin, tattooed or not

At a future moment, every movement of man &
Machine is halted in blood as all sound & fury
Became depressed, words evaporated

Nets or links broken, thoughts dried, waters
Boiling into darkness, mountains covered with
Faggots, snakes flying amuck in foiled flocks

At some future moment, each mind resonates
With a skyquake as all buildings collapse
In a tsunami filled with viruses & monsters

~Yuan Changming~



On the Stage: After Shakespeare

Yesterday, yesterday, and yester-
Day has gone with the west wind
One after another to the fading &
Formless pages of history; each

Present moment is blatantly spot-
Lightning the deformed soul
Down, down the heavy curtain!
Death is a zombie starkly zooming

In the back ground of every heart:
We each believe our selves to be
The hero on our own stage
Though we turn out no more than

An extra happening to appear
By mistake in a stranger’s comedy

~Yuan Changming~


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    >> And I have seen fire from the closed furnace,
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